PURE CLEAN® Degreaser

PURE CLEAN®  is a versatile liquid concentrate used in a variety of degreasing and industrial cleaning applications.  This non-hazardous aqueous blend of wetting agents and surfactants has been very successful in replacing solvents, corrosive caustics, and ozone depleting solvents such as TCE (Tricholoethane) and PCE  (Perchloroethane).  The product is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and biodegradable which eliminates safety and disposal concerns.  In addition with proper rinsing PURE CLEAN will not interfere with subsequent brazing, soldering, plating or painting operations. Pure Clean Industrial DegreaserPURE CLEAN Industrial Degreaser can be used in many different types of cleaning equipment such as parts spray washers, pressure sprayers, rotary cleaning tanks, ultrasonic and heated dip tanks.  This heavy-duty concentrate can be diluted from 3% to 7% depending upon the amount and type of oils to be removed.  It is very important to remember that when using PURE CLEAN Degreaser you must maintain adequate HEAT & AGITATION to ensure the best cleaning efficiency.

Concentrated Degreasers

Biodegradable concentrate that dilutes in water. (In a 5% solution each 55 gallon barrel provide 1,100 gallons of one of the most powerful cleaning and degreasing solutions!)