Cleaning Solutions and Degreasers

PURE CLEAN penetrates and loosens the bond of substrate oil by lowering surface and interfacial tension. Oil droplets are coated with a thin film of surfactant and are immiscibly sequestered to the surface of your cleaning solution and away from your part. Since PURE CLEAN does not become saturated with these tramp oils (that is to say PURE CLEAN does not emulsify oil), the oils are dispersed within the solution thereby enabling this product to be reused many times, as much as four times longer than caustic cleaners. PURE CLEAN prevents sludge build-up within your cleaning system. This translates into keeping the equipment free of lime and particle build up on and around heating coils and spray nozzles.

PURE CLEAN is Non-Toxic

  • Non-ionic, straight chain surfactants
  • Glycol Ether solvents
  • Alkaline based solvents

NOTE: All chemical ingredients of PURE CLEAN® Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser appear on the list prepared by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (TSC Act PL94-469.)


While oil and grease are readily “lifted” from parts by PURE CLEAN® degreasers and cleaners, the cleaning quality can deteriorate rapidly if contaminants remain in the washer tank. In addition, large volumes of waste are created if these cleaners are not recycled, resulting in considerable disposal costs. Systems available to remove suspended oils and extend bath life include: Decanting, Membranes, and Micro Filtration Units.

Disposing of Industrial Cleaners

PURE CLEAN® degreasers and industrial cleaners can be disposed of quickly and inexpensively. After removing excess metal fines and tramp oils, the saturated solution can be disposed of through your sanitary sewer system when local pH ordinances are observed. Unlike harsher chemicals, PURE CLEAN products reduce the potential for regulatory penalties imposed by EPA and OSHA.