Industrial Degreasers & Cleaners

Industrial Degreasers


We manufacturers of a variety of concentrated, Free Rinsing; Alkaline; Citrus; Acidic & Solvent based cleaners and degreasers as well as paint strippers for industrial applications. Our signature cleaners are formulated for a wide variety of industrial uses, including in-line spray washers, immersion systems, and ultrasonic tanks. We can also custom blend a formula for your specific application.

For more information on our signature blend industrial cleaners check out the details listed below:

OdorMild solvent
pH Reaction>13 at 1% Vol.
Specific Gravity1.06

GSA CLEANER-AB is a heavy duty alkaline spray wash cleaner designed for the heavy soils in the remanufacturing industry. Contains no chromates, phenols, or cresols. It is especially designed for Mart and Proceco washers. GSA CLEANER-AB is non-foaming and splits oil rapidly. It is safe on aluminum, brass and copper metals.

GSA CLEANER-AB penetrates carbon, oils and greases much faster than conventional chemicals on the market today. It is also very effective on removing many types of paint when used in a spray washer.

GSA CLEANER-AB is recyclable thereby providing additional operational costs savings.

GSA CLEANER-AB Using Procedures

Use 2% to 15% volume per gallon of water, at temperatures up to 180-190 F in spray washers and soak tanks.


BIO CLEAN is a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. It cleans away silicated drilling mud, dirt, oil, and grease from metal parts with little or no attack to the underlying surface. It’s safe to use; has a neutral pH; non-toxic; and has excellent rinseability.

  • Remove Heavy & Extremely Sticky Oils
  • Non-Foaming & Non-Toxic
  • Keeping Rigs & Equipment Clean
  • Industrial Cleaning Applications
  • Contains 100 % Biodegradable Ingredients

Silicated drilling muds or fluids generally have an affinity to metals and paints and are very difficult to remove especially after they dry on surfaces. These fluids are typically alkaline in nature (pH 11.5) and need to be resolubilized to remove them. BIO CLEAN will do the job with ease.

BIO CLEAN is a versatile cleaner that has various cleaning applications within oil refineries. This product is used to clean up all types of spills including crude oil, heavy gas oils, and chemical. BIO CLEAN is used to clean tools, rigs, bits, and drilling equipment to help make sure they operate at peak efficiency. Great for replacing those costly citrus products.