PURE CLEAN ® is designed to remove dirt and oil. This product has a strong affinity for oil and contaminates and loosens them from the parts. Most oil floats to the surface where they can easily be removed via skimming wheels/ belt, absorption blankets, or vacuuming. Turning off agitation allows solid particulates and metal fines to settle on the bottom where they can be filtered off as sludge via a recycling filtration system.

Heat and Agitation

heatandagitationHeat and adequate agitation are the most important factors when using PURE CLEAN®‘s unique formulation to clean efficiently. As a rule of thumb, we recommend the entire tank volume should be recirculated once per minute.

Spray Washers

Spray TankFor both safety and performance, PURE CLEAN® Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser is a significant improvement over the caustic powders and solutions commonly used in spray degreasing equipment. At a dilution of 3% (1:30) with water, heated to 145° F, PURE CLEAN® effectively removes contaminating oils. Because of the unique abilities, spray nozzles stay clean from contaminate buildup. Since no rinsing is required, an economical single-stage washing system is practical.

Ultra-Sonic Systems

Heated Dip TanksPURE CLEAN® formula, in a 5% solution will remove oils, dirt and fine metal particulates agitated by ultrasonic systems.

Heated Dip Tanks

A 5% solution of PURE CLEAN® heated to 145° F replaces all hazardous caustics and acids in submersion washing systems. Parts washed in ALT and thoroughly dried are protected from rust for approximately 7 to 15 days. These parts can then be coated or bonded with no further treatment. PURE CLEAN® degreasers and cleaners can also replace chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemicals in vapor degreasing tanks. Those very same vapor tanks can be converted to an submersion systems in a very short time and little expense. We recommend the conversion for improving agitation so as to insure cleaning effectiveness.

Oxygen and Compressed Gas Users

PURE CLEAN® industrial cleaners and degreasers offers a safe and simple way to clean all metal parts without fear of high residues or impact to the environment in field applications. With proper agitation, pipe sections can be flushed clean with a 3% to 5% solution. The temperatures can range from ambient to 145° F. In addition, smaller hoses and parts can be submerged or sprayed in systems previously described.