Degreasers and Cleaners for Aluminum and other Soft Metals

Extraneous oils, dirt, and impurities are quickly removed from parts with PURE CLEAN® degreaser’s unique formula. Our degreaser is safe to use on all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals, the non toxic formula allows for convenient, low cost disposal.

Aluminum Degreasers & CleanersIt is essential to recognize the specific differences imposed by the material being cleaned, make any necessary adjustments and implement the extra steps required. Typical adjustments include reducing cleaning process time, lowering temperature or adding a desmutting step in an existing bath.

In some cases moderate process changes may be required. Such changes may include the use of an alternate pickle acid formula, addition of a special activation or etching step, or the use of a strike bath. Some metals, such as aluminum, require a substantially different cleaning cycle.

In general, the same alkaline soak cleaners and operating conditions used for low carbon steel can be used for high carbon steels, cast iron, high strength alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel, nickel alloys, copper and copper alloys. Zinc and zinc alloy based die castings can sometimes be cleaned, but some adjustments (lowered temperatures and short immersion times) must be made to avoid etching. Etching of heavily soiled parts may occur when the workpiece remains in contact with the cleaning solution for an extended period of time. If etching occurs, either a pre-cleaning step prior to alkaline soak cleaning must be added or special purpose soak cleaners containing little or no sodium hydroxide must be used in the soak cleaning bath. Such situations require specific methods of preparation and additional information must be obtained.